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You are not alone - let us walk with you on your cancer journey

A diagnosis of cancer changes life forever.  And the journey through treatment is demanding on all levels.  Cancer with Compassion comes alongside the patient or survivor, giving compassion, comfort and hope.  We provide support through personal counseling, in-person and virtual support groups, prayer ministry and special events.  Our outreach is open to any cancer patient or survivor. To learn more, use our Contact Form below or email us at  And be sure to check out the free book - scroll down to "Gold in the Road."


  "God loves people       who have cancer." 
Rev. Cathie Young, Founder /Chaplain 

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Thanks to the generosity of Cancer with Compassion friends, we are now accepting applications to financially assist cancer patients and their families who find themselves burdened by the weight of treatment costs. 


If you are a cancer patient and treatment bills have affected your family's ability to pay for basic costs such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food and clothing, etc., please let us help.

You may receive a grant application by using  the Contact Form above.  Indicate "grant application" and we will email the form to you. Complete the simple email form and send back to us.

All applications will be considered.  

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Going Through a Cancer Storm? 
Need some extra support?  Join us!

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1st and 3rd Thursday - 1 pm Pacific Time
In-Person - 3162 Yukon, Costa Mesa, CA - 949 514-1014

1st and 3rd Wednesday - 3 pm Pacific Time
In-Person - Bend Church of the Nazarene 
1270 NE 27th Street, Bend, OR - 949 279-1246

4th Thursday - 4 pm Pacific Time

Breast Cancer Only - via Zoom, Use Contact Form or
email - 949 279-1246

4th Tuesday - 5 pm Pacific Time

Not Alone Caregiver Group - via Zoom, Use Contact Form
email - 949 279-1246

A support group experience for those with 4th stage cancer
will take place Wednesday, November 17 at 11 am PDT. 
If you are interested in joining, please email or log on to Zoom at

Our Cancer Composium 2021 is a gift to the cancer community.  We pray it will be a point of inspiration to cancer patients, survivors and those who know and love someone with cancer.

Our featured cancer testimony is by Janet Two Hawks, a 4th stage ovarian cancer patient.  Rev. Cathie Young offers a talk on how to navigate through the cancer storm.  As well, we have a Service of Light (Luminaria) which prayerfully honors those still in the cancer battle and those we have loved but lost to cancer.  Father Jim Radloff is the officiant and Mark Ward offers the music at the service.    

To make a secure, tax-free donation to the work of Cancer with Compassion with your credit or debit card, click on the Network for Good icon.

To donate by check, make payable to Cancer with Compassion and mail to Rev. Cathie Young - 20485 Outback, Bend, OR

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FREE copies of the book to cancer patients

and survivors!

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"Gold in the Road" is a moving memoir which shares the story

of Cancer with Compassion's founder Rev. Cathie Young's

own cancer journey.  Sharing with authenticity and

keen spiritual insight, Rev. Cathie brings valuable information about cancer and the way it affects both body and soul. 


"Gold in the Road is a beautifully written, imperative read

for anyone who yearns to face life's toughest problems

without being swallowed up by them." Suzanne

Five stars on 


Thanks to a generous donor,
"Gold in the Road" is available FREE to all cancer patients.
To get your free copy, use the Contact Form above
and ask for "Free Book."

When I got cancer, it pushed me over the edge. Life is short and every moment counts.

So every morning I face death, that this might be my last day. I start with the end in mind.

Facing our mortality is the most clarifying spiritual practice we can do.

It makes me realize love really counts, that what wakes me up and makes me alive, awakens my peace, and that I must choose to activate Joy every single morning. My desire is to be life-giving. And so I pray.


Morning Prayer


As the sun arises

May the light of your love stir my heart

May I drink in this sweet moment of being


Revive and awaken me O Lord, renew me this day,

Restore me with your Presence within.


Give me eyes to see

Ears to hear

And a heart that understands,


For you are the light and life within me, O Christ

O Joy of my heart

O Breath of my being.


Awaken, Awaken my Love

As the sun arises, awaken my heart.

Arise, Arise within me.

May I behold the wonder and mystery of the morning breaking


Dawn flows with the river of light and life

Flowing from the love of God,

Sparkling and quickening all it touches,

Awakening from within.


Oh ground and mentor me

Evolve and awaken me

Opening more and more of me,

Enfold me in the Oneing of all.


O light of lights

Ignite the fires of love in my heart

The joy in my eyes

The breath in my presence be.

For you are all and in all,

For all eternity.

~ Bob Holmes

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