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You are not alone - let us walk with you on your cancer journey

A diagnosis of cancer changes life forever.  And the journey through treatment is demanding on all levels.  Cancer with Compassion comes alongside the patient or survivor, giving compassion, comfort and hope.  We provide support through this website, counseling, virtual support groups, prayer ministry and special events.  Our outreach is available to any cancer patient or survivor with all types of cancer. To learn more about us, use our Contact Form below or email us at  And be sure to check out the free book - scroll down to "Gold in the Road."

  "God loves people       who have cancer." 

Rev. Cathie Young, Founder /Chaplain 

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About Cancer with Compassion

At Cancer with Compassion, we believe cancer patients benefit from the support of others who understand the journey.  We have support groups, classes and special events.  Our support groups now meet via Zoom so anyone, anywhere can join our virtual support groups!  To join one of our free support groups or to request one-on-one counseling, use the Contact Form above or email us at 

Breast Cancer Support Group

To help the newly diagnosed, those in treatment or women who are adjusting to survivorship, Breast Cancer with Compassion support group has formed.  The group meets via Zoom so anyone, anywhere may participate.  We meet on the 4th Thursday of the month at 4pm Pacific (West Coast) Time. The next Group meeting happens on Thursday, April 22.  For more information, use the Contact Form above or email us at  

Helpers Support Group Planned

Cancer with Compassion wants to recognize the sometimes invisible members of the cancer team:  the Helpers, or sometimes referred to as Caregivers.  Using the book "In Your Corner" by Joel Hughes, we are planning a support group for spouses, family members or helpers who come alongside the cancer patient.  Our first group meeting will be in April. Stay tuned!!  To stay in touch, use the Contact Form above or email us at  

All around the world, 
we need prayer.
Listen to this recording
and be strengthened!

Jabez Prayer for Cancer Patients - from 1 Chronicles 4:10


Oh, that you would bless me indeed.  

          Heavenly Father, please bless me with good health, bless the treatment they give me to fight against the cancer.   Remove anything that stands in the way of Your blessing.  Most of all, give me the blessing of knowing Your love for me as I walk through this cancer storm.


Enlarge my territory.  

        Lord, my world has gotten smaller since my diagnosis. I don’t have the energy to do the things I used to.  So what territory can I ask You to enlarge?  I can ask for You to enlarge my sense of Your presence in my life.  Yes, Lord, enlarge that.  And enlarge my gratitude for all the good You’ve done and are doing in my life. 


Oh, that Your hand would be upon me.

         Lord, I need to know Your hand is on me – that You are giving me Your Holy Spirit and making me brave for this cancer journey.  I need Your power, Your courage, Your strength, Your healing.


That You would keep me from evil.

         Father, this cancer in my body is evil.  Would you take this disease away from me.  Would you keep me from all evil?  Would you keep me from the evil of bitterness in my heart and or jealousy for others who are healthy when I am not?  Keep me from the evil that negative thinking can bring to my mind.  Keep me from the evil of thinking that there is no hope when hope is all around me because You, Jesus, are all around me.  You had victory over evil when You rose from the dead and You have victory over evil now.  I choose Your power, Your grace, Your love.


1 Chronicles 4:10b    "And God granted his prayer."  


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The Jo Glines Memorial Fund
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View the 2020 Cancer Composium Without Borders here or on Youtube.
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"Cancer Composium Without Borders."

FREE copies of the book to cancer patients

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"Gold in the Road" is a moving memoir which shares the story

of Cancer with Compassion's founder Rev. Cathie Young's

own cancer journey.  Sharing with authenticity and

keen spiritual insight, Rev. Cathie brings valuable information about cancer and the way it affects both body and soul. 


"Gold in the Road is a beautifully written, imperative read

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Thanks to a generous donor,
"Gold in the Road" is available FREE to all cancer patients.
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