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Cancer with Compassion

You are not alone - We are with you on your cancer journey

A diagnosis of cancer changes life forever.  And the journey through treatment is demanding on all levels.  Cancer with Compassion comes alongside the cancer patient or the survivor, giving comfort, compassion and hope.  We provide support through individual outreach, support groups (both virtual and in-person groups), classes and special events.  Our outreach is available to any cancer patient or survivor - women and men with all types of cancer.  

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View the 2020 Cancer Composium Without Borders here or on Youtube.
On Youtube, search for "Cancer Composium Without Borders."

CANCER COMPOSIUM CONTRIBUTIONS - Will you help us help cancer patients?

Contributions to this year's Composium will go to help with unpaid treatment bills of cancer patients who are unable to pay in these difficult times.   All donations are tax deductible.  Send checks to:  Cancer with Compassion at 20485 Outback, Bend, OR 97702.  You may also give with your debit or credit card through Givelifey, a secure Christian giving platform.  Click on the blue Givelify logo below.  If you have not given through Givelify before, you will need to click "Set up an account" which leads you through a few easy steps.  Thank you for your generosity.  

About Cancer with Compassion

At Cancer with Compassion, we believe that cancer patients benefit from the support of others who understand the journey.  We are passionate about coming alongside cancer patients and survivors to ease their burden and to share compassion, comfort and hope. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our support groups in both California and Oregon met in person.  But while in quarantine, we discovered the benefits of meeting online via Zoom.  Anyone, anywhere can join our virtual support groups!  With Zoom, our sick patients can stay at home in their pajamas!  With Zoom, our group members can call in from anywhere around the world!  So we will continue to host virtual support groups.  To join one of our virtual support group, use the Contact Form above or email us at


"Gold in the Road" is a moving memoir which

shares the story of Cancer with Compassion's founder

Rev. Cathie Young's own cancer journey.

Sharing with authenticity and keen spiritual insight,

Rev. Cathie brings valuable information about cancer 

and the way it affects both body and soul. 


"Gold in the Road is a beautifully written, imperative read

for anyone who yearns to face life's toughest problems

without being swallowed up by them." 

Suzanne Meindl

Five stars on  Thanks to a generous donor,
"Gold in the Road" is available FREE to all cancer patients.
To get your free copy, use the Contact Form above
and ask for "Free Book."

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From March through June 2020, due to the pandemic, there has been a recorded 63% drop in mammograms.  frightening! 

Friends, after COVID is under control, there will still be cancer. Guard your health and longevity of life. If you haven't booked your yearly mammogram, please do it now!